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  • Enlisted: Results of 2017!
    29 December 2017

    Happy new year! We would like to wish you all the best in the upcoming year and also tell you about the state of things in Enlisted and the job we’ve done so far in 2017. 

  • Answers from the developers
    10 November 2017

    We will provide answers to some popular questions of our future players.

  • Game locations terrain
    30 July 2017

    If you recall, we mentioned previously in our road map about the attention of developers into the details of the landscape? Today's screenshots Enlisted demonstrate current progress in this direction.

  • Roadmap Enlisted
    17 June 2017

    Dear players, we are happy to announce that we have already completed development of many core gameplay mechanics and continue to add new features, technologies and content into the game. These include common features like character skills and visual effects, as well as some technical tasks, which are not so well known, while still a significant part of the development process.

  • Xenos vs Marines: New Futuristic Action (update)
    1 April 2017

    Tactical Space FPS will take players to foreign worlds in breathtaking realism.

  • Enlisted: Squads
    17 February 2017

    Every player will receive their own squad under their command to lead, saturating the battlefield with participants.

  • Voting results and new goals
    18 January 2017

    We are summarizing the results of the survey about the future of “Enlisted”. Thanks for sharing your opinion and your support of the project!

  • $250 000 mark: GAINED!
    23 December 2016

    We’re pleased to announce that Enlisted has gathered the required sum to launch development for the Tunisian Campaign! We thank you, our soon-to-be-players!

  • The first achievement
    15 December 2016

    The initial results of crowdfunding aimed at the Tunisian Campaign creation, participation in “open development”, new survey on our website.

  • Enlisted - a squad-based MMO shooter - has been announced!
    12 December 2016

    The official website for Enlisted project has been launched - Enlisted will offer not only unique gameplay but a brand new approach to game development!